Understanding The Gifts of The Spirit

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/15540655″>Gifts of The Spirit – The Seeds of The Powers of Godliness – Pt. 1</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user4885750″>Elder Chantdown</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


5 thoughts on “Understanding The Gifts of The Spirit

  1. Hi, elder! Nice to be here again but now, today, with a hack-gift for you, your family, friends, tribes, USA and fellows of Anarchy. Take a look to my post title ‘From The Lady, a hack-gift for Revival’


    • So you tell me you perceive attacks…and THEN attacks come on the same post comments section where you were attacking me. And now I am supposed to accept a HACK gift from you to my family. haHAA!

  2. Hi!, please take calm, you can count me as a non officially active anarcho syndicalist on catholic base groups though I pay fees to the Spanish Workers’ Commissions (Spanish CCOO) and still to the Spanish General Confederation of Labour (Spanish CGT). I assure you than I am not that guy under the nick name ‘anonymous’, though its comment in LDS Anarchy is following my one and it seems to refer to my writing style -does it?, I am not sure-.

    Perhaps you could inquire data of this anonymous from some of your LDS Anarchy wordpress plugins tracking traffic. My provider at home is ONO, my provider at work is the Canary Islands Government, which uses a corporate proxy. I personally never use proxies and, as you see, I have nothing to hide. You can also contrast the data traffic from LDS and the data traffic from your wordpress ‘Heaven in Hearth’ to verify if they match with either Ruth or Tron, they must. Then tell me if Ruth-Tron data traffic match with the data traffic of that nick name anonimous, if the data traffic of anonimous match with Canary Islands then I have an small suspicion about whom really masks behind anonimous and I can tell you He is larking and blowing the coals, because he told me that he is mormon and a friend of yours.

    More about this issue: he rates Justin very nicely, they may have something in common that I do not catch yet. He has comment only one time in LDSA, that is not usually done by a troll. It is very cool to point out that he is not a very good internet surfer, he does not connect on daily basis, he uses a very slow connection and, the most of all, he does not know your wordpress ‘Heaven in Earth’ and other mormon ones where I have commented. He is not a troll, he is only a joker. I assure you that, if my friend is that anonimous as I believe, he is a big enthusiast of Anarchy and Mormon though he is disabled now. He was who showed me your internet sites and, over all, LDS Anarchy site. The rest if my business alone :).

    I have never attacked you, I never attack, and this misleading thread is just now out of range. I esteem all of you very much and I can not hurt nor attack any of you. My friend is one of you living here near my own home. I can not make him a hidden enemy before you and your people. You can contact to me on perevictor@gmail.com for a better discretion.


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